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How to Use Wedge Wire Screen Basket

Wedge wire basket is also called profile screen basket. Wedge wire screen baskets are mainly used in centrifuges for separating liquids & solids or grits. Compared with cylinder, sieve bends and flat panels, wedge screen baskets are more complex in construction and stronger in withstanding stress from centrifuge dryers. The basket screen are typically self-supported by ribs, rings or flanges, which will increase the integrate strength. UBO wedge wire screen baskets are custom-made suitable to fit any centrifuge screening equipment.
UBO stainless steel centrifuge wedge wire basket serve as lining for centrifuge manufacturers who require external support. The baskets are stronger and can sustain heavier loading pressure than other filter baskets available. An abrasive resistance coating may be used in preparation for the baskets. 

Features of wedge wire screen basket

• Firm structure.
• Good mechanical property.
• High strength.
• High load capacity.
• Nice filtering performance.
• Corrosion and rust resistance.
• Wear resistance.
• Temperature resistance.
• Low maintenance.
• Durable and long service life.

Applications of wedge wire screen basket 

Wedge wire screen basket has outstanding screening, filtering and dewatering performance in various applications.

• Chemical industry.
• Potash processing.
• Potassium industry.
• Chemical fertilizers.
• Coal and Mineral Processing
• Pulp and Paper
• Salt
• Sand
• Waste Removal from Oil and Gas Driller

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