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Industrial level wedge wire cartridge filter

Cartridge filters refer to a simple piece of tubular filtration equipment which is designed for various industries for filtration requirements. The cartridge filters are most commonly used for filtration of water from all particles, chemicals, and other impurities. The cartridge filters are used to purify liquids, solvents, and water; it is designed to remove submicron particulates up to the size of 0.1 to 500 micron. The cartridge filters are known to be made commonly from wedge wire mesh.

Sand filter vs Cartridge filter

Sand filters are known to be the oldest form of filtration system utilized for water clarification compared to cartridge filters. The common fact built on efficiency and qualification is that cartridge filters are better at screening out twice as much dirt and waste as a sand filter. The larger filtration area allows the water to progress through the cartridge and extract smaller particles of dirt. A sand filter is known to be facilitative to remove up to 20 microns, but the cartridge filters are known to be designed by industrialists to extract dirt particles up to the size of 10 microns. The maintenance cost associated with cartridge filters is accounted for less than what the sand filters are known to be. The cleaning process for cartridge filters is less complex which takes hardly 10 minutes to be cleaned through a backwash whereas cleaning of a sand filter through backwash takes more than 2o minutes. Backwashing sand filters whilst takes a longer period also involves the risk of some chemicals getting back in the cleared water. The mobility for cartridge filters is effortless, while winters or the periods of dis-functioning of filters anyone could easily move the filter from the working surrounding to storage, whereas the sand filters are known to be weighed approximately 100-250 lbs and hence mobility is restricted or at least difficult.

The applications list for wedge wire cartridge filters:

Self-cleaning and pre-filtration to RO and other types of membranes

Industrial water filtration

Pool water filtration

Oil removal and particle filtration in petrochemicals

Liquid filtration in the food and beverage industry


Refineries and Petro-chemicals

Inks, paints and specialty coatings

Electroplating chemical filtration

Cosmetics and personal care

Wine clarification



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