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Wedge Wire Filter applied in oil processing

During the crude oil processing and refining processes, pressure vessels are widely used. Extremely high pressures, high temperatures, and corrosive fluids will seriously affect the service life of internal screens. High-quality wedge wire screen is not easy to plug and can maximize the reactor activity and extend the catalyst operation period as long as possible.

The radial flow screen is divided into central wedge wire pipes and surrounding scallop pipes. Radial flow screens are mostly made of 316L stainless steel.

The central wedge wire pipe provides durable, reliable media retention and high flow in radial flow systems.

In the downflow process, wedge wire baskets are used to retain the media directly and prevent expensive catalysts from moving out of the vessel. All baskets are precisely welded for exceptional strength. This ensures that the screen baskets will not collapse even under the heaviest loads, pressure drops and extreme temperatures.

Finally, Wedge Wire Filter Helps Eliminate Catalyst Migration in Crude Oil Processing, and we are the Wedge Wire Filter designer and factory, exporter, welcome contact us now and we start a business.

Wedge Wire Filter Helps Eliminate Catalyst Migration in Crude Oil Processing

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