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Wedge Wire Rotary Drums for Aquaculture Solutions

Wedge wire rotary drum screen filters have proven to be highly efficient and reliable in removing solids from volumes of water large and small in thousands of aquaculture applications. 


How does it work? 


Rotary wedge wire Screens remove solids and other debris from wastewater flows to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and irrigation nozzles. Water containing solids enters the rotary drum and passes through the micro-mesh filter, which filters out solids. As wedge wire material becomes increasingly loaded with solids, the water level within the drum increases to the point that it triggers the cleaning process. As the drum starts to rotate, the spray bar nozzles scour the filter mesh or wedge wire with high-pressure water, returning the screen to its original permeability. This allows the internal water level to drop and stop the cleaning process. Solids in water are collected in a trough and transported away from the drum screen filter.


UBO wedge wire technology uses precision-fabricated laser welded mesh to capture particles. The slots are very accurate to filter the solids. The stainless steel design of the wedge wire screens is much solid than standard poly mesh screens. UBO rotary drum screens are operating at wineries, dairy farms and at food processors. They are designed to reduce blockages, maintenance and power consumption.


The wedge-wire screen of the cylinder is available in many orifice sizes from .002 to .110 in. (50 micron to 2.75 mm).


The rotating drum is the only moving part, minimizing initial cost, operating cost and maintenance.


Features of Rotary Drum Screens 


-- Removes solids from waste streams

-- Recovers solid product from process streams

-- Prevents blinding or clogging of screen

-- Removes moisture levels to 20 percent range

-- Variable-speed drum rotation maximizes effectiveness

-- New self-cleaning arrangement

-- Drier recovered solids

-- Low operating & maintenance costs


Applications of Rotary Drum Screens 


--Separation of solids from wastewater and sludges

--Food process effluent

--Pulp and paper

--Rendering processes

--Separating grit from rock

--Removal of fines

--Tannery effluent solids removal

--Separation of seafood processing rinse water

--Numerous other solids removal, recovery and cleaning applications


Also, UBO offers the wedge wire screen products in industrial and municipal applications in the following types:


-- Hydro Screens

-- Rainwater Harvest Screens

-- Anaerobic Digestion

-- Granular Activated Carbon

-- Passive Water Intake Screens

-- Raw Sewage Inlet Screens

-- Compaction Cylinders

-- Sea Water Intake Screens

-- Storm Overflow Screens

-- Intake Screens



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