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What Is The Standard Slot Size

Question 6. What Is The Standard Slot Size? What size could UBO Supply?

Answer 6. There are very few applications for which the slot size is 'standard.' Ion exchange applications (underdrain laterals, media traps) commonly have slots in the range of 0.15mm to 0.20mm. Intake screens for fish protection in Canada generally require 2.54mm slots; in USA 3.175mm slots (larger slots may be allowed, or smaller slots required, by local authorities). Otherwise, the rule of thumb for most applications is to size the slot at half the size of the smallest media particles, the exception being sieve bends where the slot is sized about twice the desired separation size. Screen can be manufactured with any slot from 0.025mm (with most wire profiles) up to about 10mm in 0.025mm increments; larger slots may be available constrained by wire profile and tooling.