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When Do I Need a Wedge Wire Screen Static Sieve

Static sieve (static screen) also referred as sieve bend. It is one of the outstanding screen equipments used in treatment plants. It is a physical treatment equipment operating by gravity, without the need for electrical energy, and used for separating 0.5-10 mm size of fine contaminants from wastewater coming from a location with potential energy difference or a pressurized pump line. For treatment of contaminants larger than 5 mm size, please visit our mechanical screen page.


Instead of domestic wastewater treatment plants, it substantially prevents organic or inorganic contaminants originating from industrial wastewater treatment plants from entering into treatment plants and causing possible pump, equipment, and lifting/elevation malfunctions. It is especially used in wastewater treatment plants of recycling, food, textile, and paper and pulp industries.


The removal operation in the static sieve equipment is performed with the use of flow energy of water. Thus, treatment is made without the need for using electrical energy by going through wedge wire sieve bends. For viscous wastewaters, motorized cleaning apparatus can be placed onto static sieves. Wastewater fed from above and reaching the sieve surface drags the contaminants downward and discharges them at the solid waste discharge chamber. And the fine contaminants are received at the flanged line found below the treated wastewater equipment.


The sieve part of our static sieve equipment is made of AISI 304 or 316 quality stainless material, and V-slot wire type sieve is used.


Advantages of Sieve Bends Screen

-- used as fine screens

-- no requirement of electrical energy

-- no requirement of manpower

-- long life

-- low service and maintenance costs.

Applications of Sieve Bend Screen 

-- Mineral processing

-- Coal washing plants

-- Abattoirs

-- Breweries

-- Canneries

-- Dairies

-- Fish processing

-- Fruit juice processes

-- Piggeries

-- Pulp and paper mills

-- Sewage treatment

-- Sugar mills

-- Tanneries

-- Wineries

-- Surface water intakes

-- Corn wet milling

-- Coal preparation

-- Gold recovery

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