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Why Wedge Wire Resin Traps are Important


The Resin Traps plays an important role in providing security in case of catastrophic failure of your media beds.


UBO Screen offers custom styles to meet the requirement of your existing spooling restrictions, flow rates, pressures and other needs. 


Benefits of our resin traps include:


-- Continuous slot design provides an increased open area

-- Minimal pressure drop

-- High strength and durable

-- Multiple custom designs to meet your specific requirements

-- V shaped surface wires allow for easy cleaning by back-flushing

-- Avoid loss of media in the event of a catastrophic failure

-- Great solution for protection of downstream equipment


UBO offers a complete range of resin trap styles to suit virtually any application. Our resin traps provide a high percentage of open area minimizing pressure loss through the system. Resin traps can be designed to accommodate either new or existing strainer bodies and piping.


Resin Trap Filters are essential protection devices for water treatment systems. These trap filters are manufactured from stainless steel material with state-of-art techniques in adherence with the international standards. 


Features of resin traps:


-- Perfect design

-- Anti corrosive

-- Robustness


A resin trap is used on service outlet and backwash lines on:


-- Cation, anion, mixed bed, and selective ion exchange resin systems

-- Industrial water softeners

-- Activated carbon filters

-- Greensand, multimedia, sand, anthracite, etc. media filters

-- Resin trap holds back escaping media at the onset of a failure

-- Visual monitoring will alert the operator to under drain, lateral or strainer damage prior to catastrophic failure and extensive loss of media

-- Resin/media trap will collect the ion exchange or media in the resin trap until the water flow is completely blocked, but it will still protect the downstream product, process, equipment and/or pumps from damage and contamination

Benifits of Resin traps:


-- Saves your downstream product, process, equipment and/or pumps from damage.

-- Eliminates mass resin/media loss into piping distribution system 

-- Prevents loss of resin during backwashing Visual detection of minor resin/media losses prior to catastrophic failure of major equipment


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