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Why Wire Mesh Is a Smart Choice for Architects

An architect is both a builder and an artist. He or she must create something unique, beautiful, and intuitive while also making it safe, sound, and strong. Wire mesh is a highly versatile tool that can help architects be both artists and builders. It allows you to express your creativity and can also be used to improve many different functionalities of a building or home.

Why Wire Mesh Is a Smart Choice for Architects

Many Different Options

Wire mesh comes in different iterations, which allows architects to use it in many unique ways. Architects can choose from several different weaves, including square weave and Dutch weave. The mesh can also be made with openings of different sizes, everything from 1-inch openings to openings measured in microns. Finally, at UBO, we can add a variety of different alloys to wire mesh to change its strength, flexibility, and visual impact.

Using Wire Mesh for Safety and Protection

One of the top ways that architects typically use wire mesh is to improve the safety of their buildings. It is common to use wire mesh in the construction of security screens on doors, windows, and in entrances. They can also be used as protective grilles and enclosures. This is ideal if you need to protect important assets in the building or to ensure optimal protection during and outside of business hours.

Using Wire Mesh for Design Purposes

A great building isn’t just functional. It’s also beautiful. Metal design work offers a timeless and simple beauty that can match the needs of many different businesses. Consider using wire mesh as part of an office’s design, to develop unique artwork for the lobby, or even as a part of distinct furniture. We’ve seen great examples of architects using wire mesh as partitions between work stations. They can provide a feeling of privacy while also letting in natural daylight and keeping employees connected to their co-workers.

We’ve also seen the use of wire mesh in many different business exterior facades. If you are working on a business that wants a more industrial look, then wire mesh can be a great design option.

We Can Fabricate the Wire Mesh You Need

If you are an architect thinking of incorporating wire mesh into your next project, we want to compete for your business. Contact us and tell us about your idea. 

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