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looped wedge wire screen

The looped screen also called welded wedge wire screen is used for filtration mostly for heavy applications and industries, like:
• Coal mining
• Dewatering Screens
• Sand recovery/reclamation screens for foundries
• Glass recycling screens
• Sugar beet screens
• Paper and pulp screens
• Mineral and food processing
• Gold mining
• Petrochemical plants

wedge wire screen

looped wedge wire screen

These screen segments are made of looped and cold-shaped profile wire connected by round cross bars.

Support Rods are structured on the basis of flow direction to the wrap wire for strengthening and maintaining the proper wedge configuration of the screen allowing it to handle intense pressure demands.

Wedge wire screens are designed with precision to enable control of various process conditions including volumetric flow rate, minimum dimensional media retention, minimum open area, and fluid pressure capabilities.

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