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resin traps for ion exchange filters

Resin traps are an inexpensive and simple protective device. Installed on the downstream side of your Ion Exchange Filter/Media Filtration Plant to capture the media and resins from loss.

Properties: wedge wire screen.
Materials: stainless steel 304, 316, 321, Hastelloy, etc.
Connect types: usually flanged, some are threads.

resin traps for ion exchange filters

Why are resin traps so important for ion exchange filters?

Accidental leakage of ion exchange resin or filter media not only wastes resources but more importantly, can cause catastrophic damage to process areas or equipment.

What systems also need resin traps?

Softeners, Dealkalizers, Condensate Polishers, Demineralizers, Carbon Filters, Sand Filters, Portable DI Tanks, Greensand Filters, and/or Multi-Media Filters.

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