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wedge wire cylindrical strainer

Wedge wire cylindrical strainer offers highly efficient filtration performance for various filtration applications. Can rotate or remain stationary depending on your application.


wedge wire cylindrical strainer

Usually, in water treatment or water filtration and screening in other industries, the stainless steel filter cylinder plays an important role. Like: Food and Beverage, Petrochemicals and oil, Mine, coal, mineral Processing, and other industries.

Our cylindrical screen can be designed for a flow from out to in (standard construction) or from into out (re-rolled construction). Can be custom.

Based on the wedge wire structure, the stainless steel cylindrical strainer has good self-cleaning and anti-blocking functions. It can be cleaned with scrapers.

If your industry needs wedge wire cylindrical strainers, please leave your application and requirements! Email: sales@ubowire.com

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